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Watch WWE Smackdown 03/25/2022

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WWE Smackdown 03/25/2022 | WWE Smackdown 03/25/2022 Show Online | Watch WWE Smackdown Today match live on 25th March 2022 | Watch WWE Smackdown 3/25/22 on 25th March 2022 Full Show Online

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The momentous”Wrestlemania 38″weekend starts in just one week, but before that happens, observers Michael Cole and Pat McAfee from the Barclays Center welcome us to here and now’s demonstration. Due after that we have Brock Lesnar lying in facade of Reign’s box place gate. Kayla Braxton arrives to inquire Lesnar for an interview, where we get that Lesnar is not had to attack Reigns physically here and now. That is why he will breathe fabricating himself cushy in the Ascendances box place here and now. Lesnar enters the demesne and sits on the lounge. When he aggressively places his basements on the board, it breaks.

Once again Rick Boogs gives us a little guitar solo before he announces his tag team partner Shinsuke Nakamura for the first match of the night and accompanies him to the ring. Before the Usos head to the ring, we watch a video summarizing the two teams’ feud so far.

  1. Match

Shinsuke Nakamura, Rick Boogs VS Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso
Match time: 9:38

Even before the match started, the two teams got involved in a brawl, which the referee managed to stop, and when the opener officially started, it was Shinsuke Nakamura who came in better, that is until Jimmy Uso, with some cheating, turned the momentum to his favor.

Sasha Bank WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Queen Zelina, Rhea Ripley e Shayna Baszler

The Fatal 4-Way started in a confusing way, with the four fighters who were out of the ring deciding to “join the party” and we had a brawl between the eight fighters and the four who were not in the fight ended up being expelled.

Next, we had WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns withinside the ring and he said that if Brock Lesnar remains in his locker room, he’s going to must move there and stick the top of the “Beast” via the wall. The WWE Champion grabbed a chair and began out hitting all of the protection he may want to get, and Bloodline ran farfar from the “Beast” earlier than he stuck them. Still, at the back of the scenes, the WWE Universal Champion said that Brock Lesnar will understand him as his tribal chief.

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