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Watch WWE NxT UK 03/31/2022


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Watch WWE NxT UK 03/31/2022 Preview

WWE broadcast this Thursday another edition of NXT UK on the WWE Network , from BT Sport’s London studios, the weekly program dedicated to its UK division with a focus on European wrestlers.

NXT UK Tag Team Champion Trent Seven vs Ashton Smith:

This match started with a kindly balanced force, and as the twinkles passed it was Trent Seven who was in control. Ashton Smith was dominated by the champion of brigades for several twinkles, but managed to balance, and in the end the near- triumphs were getting more and more frequent.

In the end, Trent Seven tried to cheat using the ropes, but only got the winning leg when he held his opponent’s tights. Despite the palm, Tyler Bate wasn’t veritably pleased with the way his teammate won.

Behind the scenes, we hadA-Kida talking about his future, having talked about a match he’ll have with Teoman, being in the air that it could be the last match of the Spaniard in NXT UK.

The videotape package we saw next was from Wild Boar, who still has his eyes on Eddie Dennis.

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