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Watch WWE NxT UK 03/10/2022


WWE NxT UK 03/10/2022 | WWE NxT UK 03/10/2022 Show Online | Watch WWE NxT UK Today match live on 10th March 2022 | Watch WWE NxT UK 3/10/22 on 10th March 2022 Full Show Online

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Watch WWE NxT UK Online 3/10/22

WWE broadcast today, Thursday, March 10, 2022, a new episode of its weekly program NXT UK through WWE Network and Peacock. As usual, the British brand made the recordings from the BT Sport Studio in London, United Kingdom. The show featured the defense of the Heritage Cup Championship between Noam Dar and Joe Coffey.

Next, we leave you with the results:

1. Charlie Dempseyvs. A-Kid

Equal start, with both fighters struggling to ensure control over their opponent. A-Kid escapes from his opponent’s advances, performing a bridge to avoid a count attempt. Dempsey withstands the pressure of his rival, equalizing with a bridge that he maintains despite A-Kid getting on his abdomen. The “Anonymous Boy” forces a quick account and tries to impose himself. However, Dempsey hits him with a knee to the lower abdomen to expel him from the ring.

A-Kid returns to the ring, although Dempsey manages to gain the position for a moment. After an exchange of Uppercuts, the Spanish fighter takes the advantage and applies a Manjigatame, forcing his opponent to touch ropes. Dempsey gets angry after receiving a kick, responding with a barrage of blows. A-Kid balances the situation with Toe Hold, but the Die Familie representative takes him to the ground, transitioning to a Kneebar. A-Kid avoids the lock, launching a kick to his opponent’s face.

Dempsey is not far behind and focuses his attack on A-Kid’s left leg, catching in Toe Hold as he knocks him from side to side with Leg Whips. The British prepares a Cattle Mutilation that ends in Wakigatame. A-Kid reacts and turns the situation around, fighting to use an Armbar. Dempsey walks away, stops a Superkick from his opponent and grabs his leg to execute a Fisherman Suplex that remains two. The Die Familie fighter decides to continue attacking with Dragon Suplex Hold, bordering on victory.

A-Kid gathers strength and counterattacks with Tiger Suplex Hold, gaining time to try an Omoplata. Dempsey blocks the extension to the arm, lifting his opponent with the other to push him away. The “Anonymous Child” does not lower the intensity, connecting an Overhead Kick and preparing for his Superkick. However, Dempsey knocks him out of the ring and distracts the referee. Rohan Raja appears to hit A-Kid against the ring post, returning him inside. Dempsey applies a Bow & Arrow catching A-Kid’s neck and foot, forcing him to submit.

Winner: Charlie Dempsey

The assistant to the General Manager of NXT UK, Sid Scala, is interrupted when he was about to announce the presence of a guest from the United States. Wolfgang appears to ask him for a rival who can improve him and the manager accepts, confirming that his opponent will be Roderick Strong. Wolfgang is pleased and shakes Scala’s hand.

A video reviews the attack Meiko Satomura suffered at the hands of Isla Dawn, remembering that she will fight for the NXT UK Women’s Championship in two weeks.

Aleah James talks to NXT UK interviewers about who should be the next challenger for the Women’s Championship. James mentions that he would like to be her, but he needs to focus on other things. Stevie Turner butts in and claims that her adversary has called the cameras to get some attention. James mentions that they invited her from her and that Turner should worry about her, walking away from her. Turner is left angry as she claims that she is “two levels above” her opponent.

2. Danny Jones and Josh Morrell vs. Symbiosis (Primate and T-Bone) (accompanied by Eddie Dennis)

Primate dominates Morrell in strength, who balances the situation with a Dropkick. T-Bone gives the change, but also takes a Dropkick to the back. Jones takes over to enter and the youngsters gain ground, taking turns to continue the offensive. T-Bone stops the moment of his opponents, combining Backbreaker plus Fallaway Slam on Morrell. Symbiosis take the lead in the fight, focusing the punishment on their opponent’s back.

Morrell finds no room to maneuver to escape. Finally, the young fighter manages to avoid a joint movement of his opponents, reaching his corner to give the baton to his partner. Danny Jones comes in at full power, knocking T-Bone down with Uppercuts followed by a strong Clothesline. Despite the attempts of his rival, Jones continues with his attack, combining a knee in the corner plus an Exploder Suplex. Morrell switches, leaning on the shoulders of Jones to execute a Corkscrew Senton with which they are close to victory.

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