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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2022 10/08/2022


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Watch WWE Extreme Rules 10/8/22 on 8th October 2022 Full Show Online

Watch WWE Extreme Rules 2022 10/08/2022 Preview

The weeks have passed and this coming weekend the company plans to hold a big event in Europe. In this case, it will be the WWE Extreme Rules PPV 10/8/22 Show Online where you can count on great news for the future of WWE.

What will we see in Extreme Rules?

Once again, the company must think of a sold out for the public that is going to enjoy it live. In a great event without the presence of the face of WWE such as Roman Reigns. In fact, great fights are expected with different stipulations that will give game to see the fighters in action from other points.


The WWE Extreme Rules Premium Live Event features six matches, all of them with stipulations. From the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, tonight we can see Liv Morgan defending her SmackDown Women’s Title against Ronda Rousey in a Hardcore match . RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair will also defend her title, this time against Damage Control boss Bayley in a ladder match .

In the men’s division we must highlight the I Quit matches between Edge and Finn Balor and the strap fight between Karrion Kross and Drew McIntyre . All this without forgetting that today it could be revealed who the White Rabbit is.

Imperium VS The Brawling Brutes

Watch WWE Extreme Rules Today match live on 8th October 2022, One of the most striking matches to see again a physical confrontation between Sheamus himself and Gunther. With the defined stables of both fighters, a combat with extreme objects is expected. There is no disqualification, so everything is valid between both teams.

Being the intercontinental champion Gunther, his title is at stake. It is a sum to give moral support to the team. Two growing stables with fighters from the development brand who must show their level in the ring, to the cry of Fight Night.

Drew McIntyre VS Karrion Kross

It is rumored as a potential match to close the special event. But there are many doubts behind the construction of this rivalry. A fight that will have a main character, the strap that will keep the two fighters together in the middle of the ring.

Kross is one of the culprits in the debacle of Drew in his most important opportunity within the company. Not only that, together with Scarlett he debuts in WWE again on the main roster. Many indicate that he will be a potential champion, but ahead is the one who has put Roman Reigns the most on the ropes this 2022.

Edge VS Finn Balor

All to find Edge to confirm what they have been looking for so long. He must recognize that he is no longer in his prime and that he must say goodbye to wrestling. He knew how to create a group that he now seeks to destroy after a brutal betrayal and attack. He has involved the Mysterios with the addition of Dominik.

The new leader of the faction has accepted this fight to humiliate the fighter of the R category. But this does not mean that he cannot win, a stipulation very little used by the company and that confirms one more point of tension between both fighters.

Bianca Belair VS Bayley

It is the most complicated moment of the current reign of the champion of the red mark. Bianca has not been able to prove her worth as a champion against Bayley’s group. A test that has been repeated week after week and has led to the irrelevance of the champion in the weekly programs.

The doubt dissipated with the passing of days. Bayley has been more decisive in the division through the micro. She can be a good option if she with the stipulation of the stairs she manages to defeat Bianca. A fighter who has received Bayley’s pin in her last PPV match.

Seth Rollins VS Matt Riddle

The fight that faces two of the best technical fighters of the red mark. A long rivalry that has led to injuries, physical and verbal attacks. An excessive hatred between two people who compete for the same goal, the fight for one of the main championships.

Randy’s impromptu exit due to injury has led to an individual run by Riddle himself that collided with a Rollins with his worst winning streak. But, the visionary is more cunning and knows how to lead to a point that he did not know about the Bro who has lost his temper on more than one occasion.

Liv Morgan VS Ronda Rousey

Fight with extreme rules. Nothing is the same as it was two or three months ago. The two know each other very well and fight for the same thing. Liv gaining the opportunity of her life was able to relegate a Ronda who was not in her best shape. A Round without a championship, before the eyes of thousands of fans who did not empathize with her.

A defeat that left her without being the main focus of the women’s division. But now she can be the fighter’s redemption. Against the champion, and with the rules that best suit her physical condition, she will be able to fight to get an opportunity and win her title again, WWE Extreme Rules Live 8th October 2022 Free Download Full Show.

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