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Watch AWG ACTwrestling In Korakuen Hall 3/12/2023

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The singles title tournament finale at Korakuen Hall marks a significant moment in the new era of Actwres Girl’Z as they return with a tangible prize to win and hold: the championship belt. The tournament had a six-competitor field, with fans filling the brackets by drawing numbered balls.

The main event features Miku Aono, the defacto Ace, taking on the rising star Kouki in a highly anticipated match. Miku had to use every move in her arsenal to put down Kouki in their previous Korakuen encounter, and Kouki has only improved since then. Despite the challenge ahead, Miku has been performing the role of a champion with grace and dignity greater than many wrestlers who have held a physical title. Her exclusive dedication to AWG is a testament to her commitment to the company.

This is a pivotal moment for the relaunched Actwrestling, where the face of AWG for 2023 and beyond will be decided. The outcome of this night will determine the legacy of one of these wrestlers. Be sure not to miss your chance to watch AWG ACTwrestling In Korakuen Hall 3/12/2023 on March 12, 2023 Full Show Free Online.

Match Card

Tag Team Match
Marino Saihara & Misa Matsui vs. Hebi Doshu (Kira An & Kyoka Iwai)

Eight Man Tag Team Match
Asako Mia, Chii Aoba, Haruka Ishikawa & Kanamic vs. CatMASK Calico, Koara Fujimoto, Rensan & Yufa

Six Man Tag Team Match
Nagisa Shiotsuki, Naho Yamada & Natsuki vs. Hebi Doshu (Allen, Bulldozer Todoroki & MARU)

Tag Team Match
Mari & Naru vs. Update Plus (Mii & Sakura Mizushima)

Six Man Tag Team Match
Beastz Rebellion (Act Yasukawa, Ayano Irie & Nene Arahata) (w/Riko Fukunaga) vs. The Royal (CHIAKI, Chika Goto & Natsumi Sumikawa)

AWG Title Tournament Final Point Match (vakant)
Miku Aono vs. Kouki

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