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Watch Creator Clash 05/14/2022


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Creator Clash 05/14/2022 Preview

18 creators hosted an influencer boxing clinic last night, showcasing just how great YouTube boxing can be.

Last night (May 14) saw the culmination of months of preparation and work for dozens of YouTubers when the Creator Clash boxing event took place. There were surprises across the board, from amazing results to impressive performances.

Below, we present the results of each fight, along with the analysis of the fights. Previously we made predictions about the results of each fight. We also live-tweeted the event, so if you want to see something play-by-play, check it out. here. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at last night’s winners and losers.

Our announcers for the night were Wade Plemons on play-by-play, with Moist Cr1tiKal and FaZe Sensei on color and analysis. This was such a great desk. Sensei obviously has the experience, and Plemonds was the perfect play for play. But Cr1tikal was an outstanding perfect balance between emotion and professionalism. This is definitely the type you hire to color in a YouTube boxing match.

Akinola Verisimo was the ring announcer, and he trashed the place. Michael Buffer couldn’t have done a better job.

  • SuperMega’s Matt Watson vs. Dad (Nathan Barnatt)
  • SuperMega’s Ryan McGee vs. Alex Ernst
  • DJ Welch vs. Internet
  • Alex from I did a thing vs. Odd1sout
  • Justaminx vs. Yodelling Haley
  • Sink from Muscle Party vs. AB from H3 Podcast
  • Michael Reeves vs. Graham Stephan
  • Harley from Epic Meal Time vs. Arin Hanson
  • iDubbbz vs. Dr. Mike

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